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Jacob is back posting on the Hedley site!!! So go check it out!

Jacobs New Post

I've been getting too many site emails on my personal email address so I've made a site email address. It is, so if you need to contact me from now on use that email.Please note I AM NOT JACOB! Please stop sending me fan mail. Thank you!

!!!Calling All Artists!!!
If you make blends,fanart,avators etc. and want to make some for this site email me!

Thank you to Jessie Lawson for the new site banner! You're amazing! Also thank you for the CD Cover contest entry!

I'm introducing a new section on this site. I dont know how many people will be interested but we'll see. Im having a CD cover design contest. Since Jacob will be making a CD soon, lets see wat you guys can come up with for a cover. Once you have one made send it to me at and I'll publish your cover on the site. I'll pick the Top 10 entries, and then we'll have a vote for the number one cover. Whoever wins will see their cover published on this homepage. Good luck to all!

((PiCtUrE oF tHe MoMeNt))


This is my favourite Jacob picture ever! For more new pictures go to the picture section of this site! I just added a bunch more!

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