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((Jacob Quotes))

Random things Jacob says...this will also be updated all the time!!!

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*I like soup.

*I've been slamming back yogurt like there's no tomorrow.

*What else do you want from me?!?

*Bling Bling!

*I have to go, they're throwing things at me. AHHH! OWWW!

*Stay in school! Or something!

*My mom made me do this.

*Not particularily, Ben.

*This is too much fun to be scared.

*And remember kids, if anyone asks you where Kalan is just say "Kalan fell down the stairs!"

*Hay is for horses!

*There's ADD. There's ADHD. Then there's Jacob.

*There's normal, there's insane, then there's Jacob.

*Would you guys like to see the bidet?

*Wow!! This is just like Christmas!! Only....cheaper.

*'s early.

*I'm sure less people would swerve to hit puddles on the side of the road as I walked by.

*Just smile!

*It's actually kind of funny because the first thing I thought about purchasing was a small herd of sheep.

*Opps!, I dropped a quarter! *bends over*

*I just wanted to show Canada that you can rock it old school too.

*My fingers smell like cats and rope.

*Touching...right here.

*Let's get hectic!!

*Remember Canada, don't shave sideways!

*..and eventually we'll take over the world and make all the senior citizens build us a rail road to the galapagos, of which will reside our world president, drew carrey.... i got carried away.

*Sorry guys, Alan's not in the competition anymore.. he got cut a long time ago! (or something along those

*Next to my hand is a meat grinder, this is the next best thing.

*Ive got dance moves coming off of me like skin cells.

*Different strokes for different folks

*"thang" instead of thing

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