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The story behind the song "Saturday" go to to listen to it.

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Posted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 6:06 am Post subject: THE STORY BEHIND "SATURDAY"

with no further ado...

One night, particularily a saturday night, a place i was staying also took in foster kids. the girl will remain nameless but her story will remain infamous. she struggled with her mom. and had to not live at home. it became complicated and through one thing or another, her mother made her life a living hell. night after night they would argue on the phone, and the girl, would be driven to mere insanity, by her mother on the phone. we would sit upstairs. still. somber. and listen to her heart break. hear her scream utter insanities as she would throw the phone across the room, or screaming till her voice owuld break. and crying all night long. her mother would actuall attempt to convince her she was crazy, she'd actually be 'tied up' and medicated and sedated. her mother tried to convince her she was crazy. her life was a wreck. one saturday night, she broke, she cried all nigght long. broken. i sat upstairs. in the middle of winter, listening to her heart break. i could take it. i had to let it out. i went to my room, and cried myself for hours. got up. and hey. its just another saturday.

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