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*Update from JAKEY*

A message from Jacob written on

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Posted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 6:45 am Post subject: UPDATE FROM JAKEY!!!!! (August 9th)

(warning: this message has totally NOT been spell checked. why? cuz i don't give a crapp. totlally.)

jakey... my mom calls me that. man. i miss my mom. ANYWAY. hello! my name is jacob. i'm from abbotsford B.C., i'm 20. jeez how many mroe times will i have to say that. anyway. i just wanted to jump on here to let ya'll know a few things. fer starters... I JUST WANT TO THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! for all your support, all your votes, all your warm apple pies (i haven't actually gotten a pie yet, bout would love if those started comming in the mail!) But seriously. it means so muhc when u guys sit there and vote for me. its an honor for you guys to be my fans. honestly. i'm so thankful for all of you and i totally would not be here without you guys. and PLEASE! DON'T STOP VOTING! the more the better! keep it up guys and girls you're doing amazing! last year acouple of the best competitors got kicked off cuz theyre fan base thought they were safe. you guys are all amazing. ANOTHER THING! don't think i don't read each and every one of your Private messages and fan mails. i love reading them. however, i don't always have the time to reply, but that doesnt mean i will stop reading all the awsome fan mail u guys send. it means so muhc to me to hear what u think or to read the questions u have for me. It all comes down to the fact that i am loving my fans hard core. The other thing, i wanted to clear a few things up. ON the post about who created the site, ryan (remind me to punch you in the back) said that kevin made the site. this statement is somewhat fraudulent. kevin physically made the site. but most of the ideas came from me. kevin is of course the html genius. but him and i colaborated our ideas together. speaking of website, here's a list of a few things to possible come in the future to
1. We're thinking of establishing an online CD sales. it owuld be simple, like mail us 5 bucks or somehting like that. but we want to know how interested you are in that and how many poieple would be interested in buying a hedley cd (compilation) if so we owuld probably take the songs off the download seciton and only let u download small chunks of the songs, as to allow for more sales, i mean, as much as we love spreading hte music, we do need to start raising funds so we can tour and also put out a brand new cd with loads of good tasting music. but yeh, check the hedley forum for a poll on cd interests.
2. Fan section. a place on the site where u guys can submit your pictures of stuf like wallo papaer, or other things like that, even some of you with your dope little poems, a polace in the site where u can go and check out what other fans are up to.
3. The Hedley Intl. Section. hahah (international... hahaha) anyway, this is the part where we get you involved in spreading the good wor of hedley. u can sign up to get packages in the mail For distributing hedley propaganda (including hedley website posters) and fliers and sample cd's and stuf like that.) just a bucnh of jazz to spread the hedley vibe across canada, and eventually we'll take over the world and make all the senior citizens build us a rail road to the galapagos, of which will reside our world president, drew carrey.... i got carried away. you get the idea. its a hedley 'spread the word' section, to also help get you guys involved.
4. my urine sample section of the site will be an extencive journal of my urine expeditions. including color of the day, and opacity of the week. (the rest of the guys in the band htink this is a bad idea. we'll see...)

Anyway.s thats about it guys. alot of people have been asking quesitons about touring and about a new cd and stuf. and well the answer is, i honestly don't knwo at this moment. alot of you heard some of the comments of jake gold abotu future management. and honestly its all up in the air. the contract i signed states that i can do no publicity for me or my associatoin for 3 months AFTER the winner is declaird. it makes sense tho, cuz the winner does deserve first rights to advertising and merchandising adn cd sales and all that jazz. it owuldnt make sense if my cd came out before the winner. they show wants the winner to get the most attention, and well the winner kidna deserves it, since he's kidna.. the winner. anyway. and if i do sign up to managment, we won't be creating a cd right away. guys, its all so up in the air, the only thing we can really do right now is appreciate the growing fame, and if everyone keeps passing on the hedley tunes, the entirety of canada will one day taste the beauty of hedley. just keep spreading the music guys you do a great job. and a tour, well tours, usually follow a cd release. (we'll have a real big party for that occasion) don't worry tho. hedley will still be playing alot of shows in abbotsford when we get home, local shows, the way it used to be. anyway. whatever happens happens. i entered this competition with nothing to lose. and thats how i'll go out. but you guys are the greatest support base and i'm so greatful for you all. so don't fear. hedley will not die. it will only grow. either grow to be super famous or randomly combust. we'll see. i'll put my money, as of now, on combusting. anyway. i'll think i'll end that off ehre, so check out the couple of new polls i put up in the hedley section. and speaking of polls! i cast my vote in the 'favourite song section' i might as well jsut tell you on here right now. my favourite hedley song is brave new southern tickle. haha kidding. its brave new world. its emotional for me, and it's musically thrilling for me. i just like the way it tastes. it goes good with soup. and please don't stop the fan mail guys. i love the PM's and all the messages, and i am super busy so its hard for me to reply to all of them, but i love your comments and questions. i jsut want to also let u guys know what a great job 'antonysc' is doing at moderating the forum. and thanks for all you who keep this thing alive. you guys mean the world to me and the band. well i think i've covered everyhting i needed to cover. oh yeh!!! ... i like soup. stay in school.. or something.

my fingers smell like cats and rope.


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